free gift tags for you!

free, printable gift tags for you…..because this year has been rough, y’all. so i’m aaaalllll about Christmas this year and i’m diving deep into the holiday spirit! so let’s “sleigh” our holiday wrapping, shall we?

years ago, i would spend a lot of time wrapping + decorating all of my christmas gifts. coordinating wrapping paper OR hand-stamped brown paper would always be used. i’d add embellishments like little ornaments, twine, ribbon, sprigs of pine……… my little stack of gifts was really quite pinterest worthy!

but as the years went on, my christmas list grew while my available time (and budget!) shrank. more often than not, everything ended up in gift bags with some tissue paper and i’d call it a day! lol

this year, i’m bringing the beauty back! even without the fancy wrapping, these minimal style tags will really dress up those packages. even just a simple gift bag will stand out with these. and what’s better than free?!?! one less thing to spend money on! 😊

this is a set of 8 different designs, each measuring 2×3.5″. they can be printed on a standard 8.5×11″ sheet of paper – i’d recommend a card stock – any color you’d like!

not sure if you noticed but i was listening to christmas music as i was creating them

i hope you enjoy these free printable gift tags! wishing you a joyous, happy holiday season, friend!



  1. Judy says:

    Really like your simplicity


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