brand reveal – bantam country liquors

what happens when good friends come together to brand a small business?? MAGIC! take a look at the brand + collateral items created for this small (but mighty) liquor store in bantam, connecticut…..

random, quick question: do you call it a “liquor” store? or a “package” store?? or something else? i grew up with “package store” but never really understood the meaning of that……okay, on to the good stuff!

it all started with a rooster………….

my friend suzanne came to me with a request to do the branding for the liquor store she + her husband were purchasing. BUT there were a couple of caveats….

  1. the name had to remain the same;
  2. we had to use a rooster in the logo.

quick backstory: bantam, connecticut is a borough of litchfield county and established sometime around 1940. a tiny town but jam packed with culture, quaint-ness in abundance and named for the bantam rooster.

so back to the branding………..her vibe? think “joanna gaines” meets “cracker barrel”. rustic but not over the top. after a quick face-to-face consultation, we had everything nailed down. i love it when a client and i just “click”.

mood board

brand elements


and just like that, we’ve got business cards (with a QR code – love that!!), stamps, hoodies, tshirts, gift cards, koozies……and i can’t wait to show you the outdoor signage when it’s complete!!

working on this brand was soooo much fun! if you’re local to the area, stop by in person:

bantam country liquors
919 bantam road
bantam, connecticut

also, be sure to follow bantam country liquors on facebook + instagram! suzanne is doing all kinds of cool stuff – she’s a huge support to all the local brews, wineries + distilleries

tell me: are you a local business looking to start – or elevate – your branding? hop on over to my contact form to reach out. i would love to work with you to make your branding AMAZING!




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