i'm kirstie

.... your sidekick for creating that “it totally speaks to me” design for weddings and small businesses. 

i don't have a pretty office. i don't have professionally styled headshots. what i DO HAVE is a heart for providing to you stunning, creative designs that don't break the bank.

so, who am i? i’m someone with a passion for DIY, design, and all-around awesome style. i’m a self-taught designer – as i am with most skills i’ve acquired – and being a part of the process, whether that’s a creative business launch or someone’s wedding, is what really lights me up!



ready to work?

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coffee snob

bustelo (or pilon), black with 3 sugars, please!

favorite vacay

puerto rico, hands down. isabella + playa jobos......
tienes mi corazón


sarcasm is my love language!

tv or a good book?

give me a paranormal romance any day - don't judge!

that's what makes me good at what i do.

that's what gives me perspective.

that's what drives me to create the BEST for you.

(aside: if you got that reference, we can totally be friends)

i've been where you are.

starting the business that is your passion on a wing + a prayer.....

planning a wedding with a pinterest-worthy vision but a "myspace" budget....