are you ready to diy beautiful, strategic,
on-point brand visuals that speak to your ideal client?

are you ready to diy beautiful, strategic, on-point brand visuals that speak to your ideal client?

this is for you if:
  • your business is your heart + soul
  • you know you need to level-up your brand visuals but have limited dollars to invest
  • you're passionate about learning to diy your brand identity
  • you want the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating every touch-point of your business 

there is power in creating your own branding. a sense of accomplishment. an visceral connection to your branding generated from that place in your soul.  you can have that intimate bond with your branding elements with my guided diy branding service!

you know that branding is the key to attracting your target audience.....

you’ve done your research + allll the worksheets. you're visualizing the perfect brand identity but you just can’t seem to pull it all together - the font isn’t quite right, the color palette isn’t working……tag line? what tag line?!?!

your efforts are producing a disjointed, non-cohesive body of work and you need some help

that’s where i come in.

what i can do for you....

we'll have a chat to discuss the main pain points you're experiencing in creating your brand visuals. i'll do some research for you then provide you with strategically selected font choices, color palettes, visual resources + the know-how to put it all together so that you can diy your visual branding with confidence!

no more second-guessing; your visual identity is in perfect alignment



fumbling through file types + logo formats is a thing of the past


you can proudly profess that your brand is 100% crafted by you!

just imagine.....

"It offered me clarity and focus. I was able to pick from a few things instead of everything the internet has to offer ."

"Thank you sooooo much! You totally got my brand and it showed with your suggestions."

"You've given me the confidence I needed to continue with my (diy) branding. Thank you!"

"You did a lot more than I was expecting. It is well worth it and very well laid out. Your guidance is very invaluable!"

feedback on the guided diy branding experience....


how it works

i'm asking all the questions - about your biz, your tribe, your ideal client....all the key info i need to know to provide the most strategic recommendations for your brand's visual identity

clarity call

next up is a quick chat to really hone in on your specific challenge as it relates to your diy branding journey.....i want to hear all the details. think of me as your personal sounding board!


now it's my turn to dive deep into color psychology, font choices + imagery...i'll explore all the options then narrow it down to the best design assets that will resonate with your ideal client


you receive a written + video presentation with my targeted choices for your visual branding along with guidance on how to put it all together....then you'll be diy-ing your branding like a pro!

i am ridiculously committed to the ideology that good design should be accessible to everyone, no matter the skill level or budget. i'm a "tell-it-like-it-is" kinda gal while i'm cheering you on from the sidelines. we all have amazing talents to offer - i'm the one who's gonna help you translate YOUR amazing talents into an awesome visual brand!

hi, friend....
i'm kirstie!

is cohesive branding really that important?

short answer: YES! your visuals are the first impression of your business. the appetizer to the entree.....if your branding isn't a clear representation of you + your business, your ideal client could pass you by in search of someone with more clarity

you have questions?
i've got answers.....

do I already need to have a logo?

not at all! you can come to me at any stage of your branding journey. if you have a color palette or a logo you've been working on, i'll do the research to ensure it's a strategic choice + help you fine tune it

how long does process take start to finish?

once you've completed the questionnaire and we've had our clarity call, you can expect to have your brand elements guidebook within two weeks.

do I need any specific software knowledge?

via the questionnaire and during our clarity call, you and i will determine which tools you're most comfortable with to create your visual branding. my recommendations will then be tailored to your preferences

do you provide the fonts + other visual elements you suggest?

due to licensing restrictions, all fonts + visual elements must be obtained by you directly from the source. my recommendations will include options based on a budget that you and i will discuss during our clarity call

how does payment for the guided diy branding service work?

first steps are the questionnaire + the clarity call. once we're both confident that the guided diy branding service is a fit for you, a 50% deposit will be required. the balance will be due before the final guidebook is provided.

download the pricing guide

ready to get your brand elements on-point?

click the link below to get started. you'll fill out a short form and then you'll receive your questionnaire. once you've completed the questionnaire, we'll jump on a call and get to work!