bonhomieDESIGN holiday card

it’s beginning to look a lot like……

yup! CHRISTMAS!!! and holiday cards are now in the shop! but wait, there’s more…. you know how i’m all about quality designs, saving time AND saving money?? well, i’ve added a new feature to the etsy shop that does both 🙂

first, let me introduce you to the 2018 holiday card collection – four exclusive designs, available in my etsy shop:

along with the holiday cards, i’m rolling out a new option: immediate download, customization + printing! i know that there are several other designers who have already jumped on this bandwagon but i hesitated. my concern has always been – first and foremost – design quality. bonhomieDESIGN has always provided unique, artisan design and that will never change. if offering a time-saving feature like immediate download was going to mean cookie-cutter design then i couldn’t get on board.

BUT. i’ve found an option that allows me to continue to design in the style you’ve become accustomed to AND lets you save time + money. and to be honest, it’s gonna save me time as well – time i can spend creating all the awesome designs floating around in my head that i haven’t had time to work on.

this option is available only with the holiday cards at present – it’s gonna take me a bit to convert my invitations – but going forward, you can expect to see more. the process comes complete with instructions and the customization you’ve come to expect working with me personally. and, of course, if you have any questions about this new process you can get in touch with me quick-fast and i’ll help ya out!

enjoy the new freedom, y’all! oh, and let me know – is there any one particular design you’d like me to start converting first? you know i’m happy to oblige 😉




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