FREE wedding invitation tracker

i’ve created a freebie for all the brides-to-be out there – a free wedding invitation tracker! but it doesn’t track just your invitation responses. this baby is automated to keep a countdown to your wedding date, attendees to your bridal shower + rehearsal dinner, compile a list of gift-givers and the gifts received, set up your reception seating chart AND keep a count of meal choices for the reception!

created in google sheets, this tracker will keep you organized and on-point! here’s a break down of the features:

master tab


this is where you’ll enter your information and everything in this tab will populate the others.

in the header –

  • enter your wedding date to start the countdown
  • change the meal choices to match your menu offerings
  • as you receive responses to your invitations, update the appropriate columns with a “Y” or “N”
  • assign table numbers for your guests
  • list any gifts received pre-festivity


bridal shower

wedding invitation tracker bridal shower attendees


any attendees marked “Y” in the bridal shower column of the master tab will show up here. after your shower, select “Y” if they gave a gift and write in the gift received


rehearsal dinner

wedding invitation tracker rehearsal dinner attendees


this tab will keep a count of those who are attending your rehearsal dinner. nothing else to fill in here 🙂


seating chart

wedding invitation tracker seating chart


this is my favorite part! based on the table number you assigned your guests in the master tab, the seating chart tab creates a visual seating chart, allowing for up to 10 tables of 10 guests each. if you need to switch it up, just go back to the master tab, select a different table number and you’ll see the results show up here!


meal choices

wedding invitation tracker reception meal choices


super helpful when your caterer is looking for a count of the meal choices – it’s all laid out for in this tab.


gift list

wedding invitation tracker gift list


and here’s your tally of all the gifts you received and from who, pulled from the master tab and the bridal shower tab. it will provide a count of the number of thank you cards needed and you’ll know at-a-glance who’s still waiting for their thank you card!

there’s also a welcome tab in the sheets with these details (and more) so you always have them on-hand.

this was definitely a labor of love, y’all! i couldn’t have done this without all the help from the experts in the google community (they seriously rock!)

i did my best to anticipate the essentials you need when keeping tallies of all these details. if you have any questions about the spreadsheets or any suggestions for additions, please let me know!

so what are you waiting for? go get your master wedding invitation tracker!






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