brand reveal – modern saint living

i was contacted by nichole on instagram with a request to create an affordable, timeless brand for modern saint living. MSL is a lifestyle brand of “holistic and natural living based on sustainable fashion, healthy recipes, sisterhood circles and new age spiritual experiences.”

nichole had outgrown her previous branding + it was no longer in synch with the direction in which modern saint living was heading. HOWEVER she recognized that her budget wasn’t ready for a complete custom brand.

affordable branding does NOT have to mean subpar quality nor sacrifice.

together, nichole and i were able to determine the assets immediately necessary for her business to take those next steps and scale down a custom branding package to something that would fit her budget.

based on all the information nichole provided in her branding questionnaire, we came up with 4 descriptors for her brand aesthetic:

  • modern
  • cheeky
  • sustainable
  • timeless

the mood

sustainable holistic mood board by bonhomieDESIGN

the color palette

the logos

affordable custom branding by bonhomieDESIGN

the possibilities

working with nichole has been a breath of fresh air! this project has been so much fun and i can’t wait to see her business grow and expand!

be sure to pop over to her site to see what’s coming and go give here a shout-out on her instagram!




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