customizing bonhomieDESIGN brand kits to work for YOUR brand

are you looking for amazing branding on a budget? heard the hype about branding kits but not sure they’re right for your business? today, i’m taking a look at one of the bonhomieDESIGN branding kits to show you how easily it can transform to represent YOUR brand

what is a branding kit?

before we dive in, maybe you have no idea what a “branding kit” is! so lemme break it down….bonhomieDESIGN branding kits, also known as semi-custom branding, include everything you need to brand your creative business:

  • a logo
  • at least one alternate logo
  • a submark/watermark
  • a custom color palette 
  • a custom mood board
  • a branding guide to help you use all of your new branding elements effectively 

if you’re a business owner just starting out, investing in custom branding isn’t the best idea. for you, a branding kit is ideal!

semi-custom branding is also an option for those who began with some DIY branding, are ready to up-level, but still don’t have the budget for custom. with my kits, you get the services of an experienced designer without the high price tag.

bonus: my branding kits are sold ONLY ONCE so you can still be assured that you’ll have branding unique to YOUR business……AND….your new brand is ready to go within 10 days

so let’s continue, shall we….

meet the “femme” branding kit

the “femme” semi-custom branding kit was created with a bright, airy, upscale biz in mind. perhaps a lovely fragrance line?

the remix

now let’s switch it out for something a bit more earthy, organic + holistic…..

boom. “luna awakenings”. same branding, totally different vibe 

quick point of note: i’m kinda picky about my branding kits…..i’m not gonna sell them to just anyone! instead, we go through a deep dive questionnaire to explore your brand mission, your messaging and your ideal client avatar, the same way i would with my custom branding clients. i triple check to make sure that the brand kit is the right fit for your business. (we’re circling back to that point of “experienced designer”….shiny, new branding is kinda useless if it isn’t speaking to your target audience!)

so let’s summarize….

my branding kits are:

  • professionally designed branding
  • tailored to YOUR brand
  • tailored to YOUR audience 
  • lower price point, budget-friendly
  • quick turnaround time

nothin better than that, sis!

ready to find YOUR brand kit? click here to view my semi-custom branding offerings. still not sure which way to go? to schedule a free consult with me and we’ll explore your options!


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