four must have styled stock photo sources

4 styled stock photography sources

styled stock photography has been a godsend for creative businesses. it’s absolutely a must for me because photography is one skill i’ve been unable to master. (honestly, i suck at it. really bad). so i am eternally grateful to all the photographers who produce fabulous stock photography, specifically geared to the creative small business.

with respect to visual identity for your business, it’s important to use styled stock photography that’s on-brand + consistent so that your people recognize you, no matter where you happen to pop up on their internet journey. luckily, we have quite a bit to choose from with a range of styles. i’m sure we’re all familiar with the ‘bigger’ names in the business but today i’m going to focus on 4 immensely talented creators who may have been off your radar.


moyo studio

moyo studios styled stock photography

headed up by the nomadic duo molly + mark, moyo studio focuses on classic + minimal design. moyo offers a styled stock memberships and the option to purchase individual and bundled photos. last but certainly not least, they also offer fabulous mock-ups, social media templates and they’ve just introduced two new scene creator kits!


she bold stock

jasmine, the owner + creator of she bold stock, is all about the #bossbabe and her images have a bit more of a feminine feel. she bold stock offers custom brand photography + a stock photo membership. be sure to check out her blog which is full of tips on getting the most out of your stock photos!


springs + co


mariah is the mama behind the lens of springs + co stock photography and there you’ll find airy, earthy + minimal offerings – from home office to kitchen – and mock-ups, all available individually or bundled.


each of these wonderfully creative businesses offer free stock photos on a monthly basis when you sign up for their newsletters and i highly suggest you do so! it provides an opportunity to determine which might be the best fit for your business’s visual branding – or you can mix + match!

yes, i know i said FOUR stock photo sources and, no, i haven’t forgotten. the last option is a bit different than the previous 3 as she offers her images only via creative market…..


floral deco

floral deco lifestyle styled stock photos

i’ve included maksim, owner of floral deco because i’m in love with her lifestyle photos and she has an incredibly versatile style. her images are perfect to intersperse throughout your IG feed, interjecting a bit of spice + style.


on a more personal note:

as a woman of color, it has been a bit difficult to find styled stock images including body shots that truly reflect ME.  but there are a few photographers including ethnic women in their offerings now:

she bold stock (see above)
styled stock society
(and i have it on good authority that we can soon add pixistock to this list!)


i hope i’ve been able to introduce you to a few new resources – but it would be even better if you were able to say “duh, i’m already using them”! lol

is there anyone else i may not know about? drop me a comment and let me know! be sure check out my resources page for additional bossbabe assets!







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