an in-depth look at the bonhomie brand kits

today, i’m going to walk you through the bonhomieDESIGN semi-custom branding kits. an in-depth look at the process + the possibilities!

so, first question i’m sure you have – what is a “semi-custom” branding kit??

these branding graphics are artfully crafted by me, usually with a particular creative business in mind, but still customizable to your brand. and the best part……? sold ONLY ONCE and ready for you in 10 business days! so you don’t have to worry about your brand plastered all over everyone else’s business and you can hit the ground running, quick-fast and in a hurry!

next question: what’s included with the branding kits?

these kits include a main logo, an alternate logo, a submark, a watermark, a business card, a notecard and a facebook header and icon – all the collateral you need to brand your business! you’ll also receive a brand board with font + color palette info and guidance on how to use your files and stay ‘on-brand’ across all social media platforms + print.

wondering how the process works?

the first step is to choose the brand you feel is right for you. once you’ve chosen your brand, the next step is to fill out the request to purchase questionnaire. wait. request?? yup. submitting the questionnaire doesn’t guarantee your purchase. because the brand kits are sold only once, it’s important to me that the business philosophy + branding are suitably compatible. this is a “first-come-first-served-BEST-FIT” process. once i’ve reviewed your application, it may be possible that i have in mind something more appropriate for your business!

okay, so my request was approved. now what?

now the fun begins! i’ll use the information provided in your request to customize the brand kit to your business! YOUR brand name, YOUR brand colors and any other tweaks that may be necessary for the perfect fit.

to give you an idea as to how these kits can transform + translate into a custom brand, i’ve re-worked my most popular kit: the VIBE branding kit. VIBE in it’s original design and color palette (as seen on the brand board above) is bold, fun, creative + a bit off-beat.

a simple alteration to the color palette and the brand takes on a slightly different personality – still just as fun but now also a bit more feminine + sophisticated. think of it this way…….. VIBE is a “Free People” shopper whereas PALOMA is a “Banana Republic” kinda gal. slight nuances can make all the difference!

so if you’re hoping to refresh your brand – or get a new brand off the ground – be sure to check out the bonhomieDESIGN semi-custom brand kits. currently 4 styles available with more on the horizon…. sign up for my mailing list to get early notification of new brand kits when they’re ready! and if there’s a particular style you have in mind, drop a comment and let me know – the next brand kit may be customized to YOUR business 🙂




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