how to: beautiful invitation envelopes on a budget

in this next installment of the “drab to fab invites” series, i want to talk envelopes.

(didn’t catch the first two? be sure to read all about choosing the right paper for your wedding stationery. and also check out the post on specialty wedding paper options)

envelopes are available in all shapes, sizes + colors – but, beyond color, how do you dress ‘em up on a budget?

i’m gonna tell ya!

DIY drab to fab wedding invitations on a budget

for many, envelopes aren’t really a consideration when choosing and creating the invitation suite. but don’t treat them as an after-thought! think about it: it’s the first thing your guests see when they receive your invitation. don’t you want them oohing and aahing from the moment they get ’em in their hot little hands?

so your first thought may be hand-addressed beautiful calligraphy. it’s stunning, y’all. it sets the anticipation and expectation that something beautiful here-in lies.

but it ain’t cheap. so now what?

digital address printing

enter digital printing. many print houses – local and online – offer digital printing for your envelopes at a fraction of the cost of hand calligraphy. and it looks just as gorgeous! additional graphics that coordinate with your invitation suite can be included for a little extra oomph!

digital envelope addressing bonhomiedesign

another option for the budget-savvy: diy some mailing labels! the selections for mailing labels have come a looooong way. a wide, wrap around label looks great on the more modern suites and you can pick them up at your local office supply store.

oh, and another creative tip: if your chosen print house doesn’t allow for anything beyond text – use a beautiful rubber stamp for embellishment!

envelope liners

now let’s talk envelope liners.

depending on the style you choose, envelope liners can add a touch of class or a whimsical surprise for you wedding guest when they get their first peek. but regardless of the style, liners always bring an additional level of cohesion to your invitation suite.

the cost of adding these goodies to your suite will range, depending on the print house you’re working with – OR you can diy it! make your own template using your envelope as a guide then go grab yourself some fab scrapbook paper (not too heavy!) and get to cutting!


another option: i’ve created these beautiful botanical envelope liners just for you!

free botanical envelope liners in 6 sizes by bonhomie design

perfect for your invites, your rsvps – even your thank you cards. from euro flap to standard to square, i’ve covered all the bases! the size of the corresponding envelope is noted on each template page. download once, print as many as you need!


scrolled to the bottom? no worries, here’s a recap:

  • forget the hand-calligraphy and create beautifully addressed envelopes with digital printing;
  • add some additional graphics with scrapbooking stamps;
  • envelope liners give your guests a lovely surprise + bring additional cohesion to your invitation suite;
  • get your free envelop liners HERE!



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