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how to: printable wedding invitations that look custom made | paper choice

congratulations! you’ve decided to save money on your wedding stationery (excellent decision!) but that doesn’t mean they have to be ‘blah’. we’re going to make your printable invitations look like they were custom made! over the next few weeks, i’m going to share all the tips on how to DIY your way to gorgeous invites (without breaking the bank!) so let’s get started…..

how to make your printable invites look custom made


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you’re starting out with a gorgeous design and you’ve got the fortitude to DIY this wedding suite all the way! but where to start? first things first.


paper choice

i anticipate that this post will be the longest in the series but this is soooo important! think of your paper as the foundation. choosing the right paper stock for your invitations will make ALL the difference. i’m sorry to tell you, cardstock from your local office supply store ain’t gonna cut it! but never fear, i’m gonna break it down for ya so you know exactly which way to go.

if you plan to print your invites at home, you’ll want to choose a card/cover stock paper. card and cover stock comes in various weights, measured in gsm (grams per square metre – a european metric meauring scale) or in pounds (lbs or # – the weight of measure used in the US)

be mindful when choosing a paper denoted in US weight of measure – each paper type is scaled independently. an 80lb sheet of text paper IS NOT the same as an 80lb sheet of cover paper.

invitation paper weight comparison

bottom line: the heavier the paper, the more luxurious your invitation will feel. so you want to start with a 217-284 gsm, 90-105 lb cover or card stock paper.

tips for printing at home

  • check your printer manual to determine the heaviest weight it will accommodate;
  • get samples of the paper before you commit;
  • do a test print;
  • purchase your all your paper from the same source – not all “bright white” paper is the same and you want each of your stationery pieces to be cohesive.


paper finishes

once you’ve got the correct weight and color, you still have a few choices. the standard choices are typically gloss, matte and linen. so which is best?

paper finish gloss matte linen

honestly, i almost never choose a gloss paper unless it’s a photo invitation. matte is an excellent choice for your designs but i looooove a linen textured paper, especially with an invitation design that has no graphic elements.



now you have all the info you need to make the best paper choice for your wedding stationery. wondering where to get it? girl, i got you….

printing at home: i’ve held this paper in my hot little hands, evaluated pricing and here’s is my recommendation for you: Cards and Pockets. they offer a choice of finishes + colors AND the option to get some samples first

online print shop: look no further than Prints of Love – fast, quality printing; good prices; 3 finishes available and free envelopes

still looking for the perfect wedding stationery suite? visit my etsy shop where you’ll find gorgeous, unique artisan designs at an incredibly affordable price!

next up in the series, we’re gonna talk about specialty papers + paper treatments! in the meantime, leave me a comment if you’ve got any questions!

didn’t have time to read the whole post? lemme summarize for ya:

  1. paper weight: 217-284 gsm, 90-105 lb cover or card stock paper;
  2. paper finish: matte or linen texture;
  3. purchasing paper for printing at home:


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