how to achieve beautiful wedding stationery on a budget

embellishments to elevate your printable stationery

welcome to the last post in the drab-to-fab printable invite series. this time we’re gonna be talking about embellishments that make you wedding stationery suite really stand out

before we jump in, did you have a chance to see the previous posts in this series? no? go take a look….. i’ll wait 🙂

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back already? okay, let’s get started……..

customize printable wedding stationery with embellishments

wax seals

wax seals are my favorite way to really make an invitation suite shine. this is a super cost effective way to add impact, customization and an upscale look. i’m pleased to say that i’m an artisaire pro vendor for wax seals. superb quality, endless color choices, and a variety of stamp options + sizes are the reasons i’ve chosen to partner with them. note: they’ve never let me down!

what’s the purpose of a wax seal?

traditional use of wax seals is – kinda obvs – to seal an envelope. but let’s think outside the box for a moment…… they can also be used for:

escort cards
place setting menus
wedding favors….
really the options are endless – just be creative!

i’ve put together a few ideas on my wax seal embellishments pinterest board so you can get those creative juices flowin’……

how do i use wax seals?

again, traditionally, wax beads are melted over candle flame, a small amount is poured directly onto the paper and the stamped pressed down onto the hot wax for a few moments, creating the seal. 

sound intimidating? yeah, for me, too!

thankfully there are now other options:

wax sticks can be inserted into a glue gun for heating, squeeze a bit out and then pressed as above. here’s a quick tutorial so you can get your craft on!

still too much? never fear!! wax seals can be purchased already made with adhesive backing!!

if you decide to go that route, be sure that the adhesive being used is right for the way you’ll be using them. it would be horrible if your stamps fell off in transit!!

another reason i’m so enamored with artisaire…. they offer 3 different grades of adhesive so you can be certain it’s right for your project

vintage stamps

i love, love, love vintage stamps, y’all! they lend so much personality to the presentation!! as i mentioned in the last post, dress those envelopes girl! start the show straight from jump!

here are some options for sourcing your stamps:


  • bring one set of your completely assembled suite to the post office to weigh for postage amount requirements;
  • before making your selections for purchase, contact the seller for assistance in curating your collection + quantities;
  • adhere your stamps with a glue stick – DO NOT rely on the stamp adhesive.

i hope this series has been helpful for you! if you have any questions at all about bringing your printable invitations from drab to fab, i’d love to help! just drop a comment and i’ll get right back to you!




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