8 cost-saving tips for your wedding day stationery

if you know me, you know i’m all about finding ways to help you save money on your wedding stationery – WITHOUT sacrificing style. here’s a few tips to keep your wedding paper goods on budget. now, i’m not saying these ideas will save a ton of money but every little bit helps, right?!?!

skip the programs

does everyone absolutely need to know that uncle melvin is doing the reading? maybe not. consider foregoing printed programs altogether, especially if you’re having a shorter ceremony or have a small guest list. you can always share the order of events on a chalkboard, on a sign, or through a wedding website.

double up on menus

i love this one: if you’re already using menus as part of your table decor, you can save money by doubling them up as place cards by adding your guests’ names to the top or bottom of the menu. add the table number and you’ve got escort cards!

opt for one menu per table

another favorite: instead of printing a menu for every guest, print just one menu per table. this can help cut down on paper and printing costs. (inside tip: for readability, go with a size 8×10″ at minimum. bonus points: double side that baby so it can be read from either side of the table)

utilize technology

this one is unconventional, for sure, buuuut it could work. digital or e-menus can be a great option to save on printing costs. you can design and email the menus to guests ahead of time, display them on a screen or projector during the reception or (this is my favorite) include a qr code on your table numbers linking to a digital menu.

repurpose your ceremony decor

this is not a new idea but it bears repeating. we already know you should use any ceremony decor like floral arrangements or pew decorations to decorate the reception space. but this goes for signage, too. think double-sided signs……welcome sign on the front, seating chart on the back. you’re welcome.

diy your escort/place cards

consider DIY-ing your escort cards by using printable templates or crafting your own. this can help you save on calligraphy or printing costs. (inside tip: my printable wedding templates are on sale in my etsy shop through the end of september!)

skip the programs

if you do choose to have programs, keep them simple to save money. a one-page design with just the necessary details can look elegant and save you money

use your favors as place cards

instead of a thank you message, add your guests name’s to the label or tag you’re using for your wedding favors

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